Hola, soy Marta. Tu profe de español. Te doy la bienvenida a mi sitio web; mi casa, TU casa 👋

"I am here to help you learn Spanish effortlessly and with confidence so you can understand and communicate better"

Learning for real life, my philosophy.

To me, the perfect class is that one easy to follow, dynamic and straightforward for the one who is attending. I work for my students to learn and apply the knowledge in real life  that’s why I want them to grow professionally and personally by enjoying the process!

How do I do it?- ¿Cómo lo hago?

  • I create a lesson plan: I plan the classes and take maximum care of the methodology.
  • I adapt the contents to the real needs of each student.
  • I care and I take care of being up-to-date, with special attention to matters related to not only existing textbooks but authentic material. 
  • I offer a personalized and very close treatment, facilitating communication and understanding at all times.
  • I learn from my students and from my blessed mistakes.

The first time I came to England, I couldn’t speak English properly and at that point I thought my only enemy was the fear to speak. 

You are always good enough! Now that I am teaching my language, I try to transmit that to my students, I make grammar mistakes in English most of the time and so what? COMMUNICATION  is the KEY!

I love red wine 🍷, chocolate (with milk), and cheese.
I like nature, hiking, cycling … I love the sea and sunsets too 🌇

I’m a podcaster & really love 🎧 podcasts; I think it is a very educational and dynamic format either for learning languages or for personal growth. That’s why I decided to create my own to help my intermediate level students and other student listeners.

I have worked over the past 4 years in teaching Spanish online with one on one lessons and groups and of course, in person, after all the pandemic I got used to a little bit more, and let me tell you something: it is even better! 

Every day students come into my house and I go into theirs at the same time I see no difference because I have all the resources you need the only thing you do need is a good internet connection

I am certified of Teaching Spanish for Foreigners (ELE by International House Barcelona) and I have been also tutoring the DELE exam as well as I am an official examiner.

¿Quieres ver qué dicen de mí mis alumnos?

Quiero agradecerte por tu maravilloso trabajo; eres muy maja y profesional y estás muy preparada siempre. Tus clases son tan dinámicas y tan divertidas. ¡Muchas, muchas gracias!

Luna Sanfratello
Spanish teacher -Italy