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Why learning Spanish online?

The common belief that travelling to immerse yourself in the language is not true. 

Not only will you be given tailor-made lessons, but you will be advised to learn from home as much as possible.

Also, if you need to prepare for one of the official DELE exams in your country, I can also  help you.

I have been working alongside beginners & expats/travellers for over 4 years and in my sessions you will develop your Spanish self while having fun:

  • Become more confident to speak Spanish: I keep making some mistakes when I speak English and so what?
  • Learn new vocabulary and structures to apply in real conversations with my communicational approach.
  • Improve your pronunciation, listening skills and master the grammar by practising with interactive lessons.
  • Take lessons according to your needs and tastes as well as weaknesses, all in order to communicate and understand natives better.
Spanish Online Classes

Native teacher

Bilingual teacher from Spain

Spanish Online Classes

100% Online

Digital classes focused on e-learning + cognitive grammar

Spanish Online Classes

dynamic classes

dynamic and communicational approach

Spanish Online Classes

Best prices

Competitive prices and lesson planning according to your needs

Why online?

  • It’s a time saver! I am not only a teacher but I have been a language student my entire life, therefore I understand the quickest methods for you to soak in information and gain fluency.
  • You will save money. It’s a no brainier, since you don’t have to pay petrol or bus fare, you’ll save on the commute, not only that but it is affordable and you can work at your own pace with my personalized help.
  • Think that you can take the lesson from the comfort of your own home or your favorite coffee house… “Can it be any more convenient?”
  • Flexible schedule. You can choose the day and time of the week that better suits you by just previously discussing it. 
  • The most important one you can wear anything you want and nobody will say anything. (Just please come clothed).

How do people who speak Spanish fast and fluently do it?

You may or may not care whether or not you speak to your in-laws  in Spanish, but you are certainly interested in what they say about you and you want to understand them.

Maybe you are interested in asking for a table for four in a restaurant and not being labeled as a “guiri” or better yet, you want to be a “fake guiri” by using the words we natives use.

All these are phrases I reproduce from my students, their achievements are mine and for me, there is no greater reward. Become autonomous in your learning, enjoying yourself and with the help of a qualified native teacher.

Why with me?

I am here to take the hassle out of learning a language and make it simple, effective and fun

I love languages and wanted to share my culture and knowledge with other people who want to develop and hone their skills in this vibrant and multicultural language. 

I have been teaching Spanish for 4 years with students from all background and educational levels. 

I work closely with you to get the results you want. Join my online lessons, and I’ll help you gain fluency! 


Exclusive access to lessons files on your Google drive folder and extra material to practice. 

Tracking of your progress and feedback

Recommendations of films and books & other cultural aspects


Customised homework tailored to your needs, strengths and weaknesses 

Ask me for a free account on “Campus Difusión” with my code for extra practice!

Communicational approach with personalised feedback + authentic material


Super flexible schedule and extra support by email, audios, etc

Revision and practise guaranteed

Take a recognised international exam

A great value on your CV.


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Frequently asked questions

The trial lesson is designed to be an introduction session and let the student and the tutor meet each other. During the trial lesson, the tutor will be able to know more about your level, priorities and goals. This also gives the opportunity to agree on schedules.

Honestly, this varies from student to student. But from my experience, those students that dedicate their free time to learn Spanish combined with several lessons per week are the most successful.

Example: one of my students had to learn Spanish from scratch to move to South America within 4 months for professional reasons. This student had the intensive amount 7 lessons a week and did her own work at home. Her commitment made her become an intermediate speaker in only 3 months (more than enough to handle different scenarios from daily life and professional environments).

For both trial lessons and regular ones all you will need to have is an internet connection, a working microphone and a Zoom access. A webcam is not absolutely necessary, but it definitely helps in increasing the interaction between me and my students.

You won’t need any textbook, but if you want to use one please let me know.

Please, note: it’s your responsibility to have everything ready for the lesson. Should you need help with anything, feel free to contact us in advance of the lesson so you will have all sorted out with time.

Lessons normally have their own topic that help students to understand all the integrated skills.  These concepts are worked using video, audio or written exercises alongside with the grammar explanations in order to put it in practice in oral tasks. Lessons last usually 60 minutes but you can choose 30 minutes or 90, it is entirely up to you. 

It depends on the student’s goals and needs. Of course it does. However, I recommend that if you have the time and are one of my super-motivated students and want to achieve a further level in shorter time, you should at least do 3 hours a week (90 minutes lessons twice a week).

Of course you can! You can reschedule or cancel a lesson as long as you let me know with 24 hours in advance.